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Alpha Boys Association for Poor & Disadvantaged Children Ltd


Enabling alumni to continue walking “upwards and onwards”


About ABA

In describing poverty in Jamaica, DFID (the Department for International Development) wrote that “the poor tend to have low level of educational attainment, and are often unemployed; (that) poverty disproportionately affects the young; (that) half of those living in poverty are children; and the mean age of those in poverty is 22.4 years; (that) urban poverty is linked to crime, violence and garrisoned communities; (and that) inner city dwellers are often stigmatised and excluded from employment and access to public goods”. (Country Assistance Plan – October 2005).

ABA (ABAPDC Ltd) knows only too well the above assertions. Our concern is the vulnerable and at-risk situations the young are in even when in-care.

The reality is that better life chances for many children rest on the possibility of experiencing sheltered but substitute family experience; and for the majority of the at-risk poor young people it rests on ongoing support within the community as well as on the possibility of being constructively active even when unemployed.

For these reasons ABA fundraises to enable its local Jamaican implementation group, “Aiding 3-D Youths” to make links with a variety of community-based organisations to enable the kind of support and financial assistance that encourages alternatives to lives to idleness, crime and violence. To those exasperated with news of crime and violence in Jamaica, we invite you to join and support us in making tangible differences to the youths of Jamaica.

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“He ain’t heavy – He’s my brother!

ABAPDC Ltd is a UK-based registered charity aiming to assist vulnerable children and youths at risk within the Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica.

Membership consists primarily of alumni, their relatives and friends. ABA understandably welcomes the active support in assisting the vulnerable, social disadvantaged, disaffected or disabled young people – particularly past staff of the Alpha schools and those sympathetic with our aim. From experience we know such children and youths are usually estranged from badly needed family life; and that in the absence of ongoing support in preparation for life in the community, they are prone to succumbing to lives of abuse, crime, “hustling” and even violence.

Alpha Cottage” (and later Boys & Girls schools) embodies the interplay between childhood struggles, the dedication of a religious order of nuns, and the will to achieve by this family of boys and girls over a period of 125 years: with many becoming renown for their talents and personal positive impacts on the lives of others.

Founded and run by the Sisters of Mercy, “Alpha” has a unique story to tell, somewhat mirroring the story of the struggles of Jamaica itself. ABAPDC’s mission is to enable and add to the success of that story for Alpha and Jamaica.

You are invited to be a part of this Association through actively supporting and sharing in our work.

Membership is open to all who are aware of Alpha, and want to be an active part of this wider “institute” of ongoing care. Just choose to be a Full, an Associate or an UK Overseas member by clicking here.





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